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Welcome to LEV 2 Luxury Custom Cabinetry

Craftsmanship, Excellence & Precision


At Lev 2 we design and manufacture locally luxury custom cabinetry, supplying treasured craftsmanship that inspires our clients.

We understand that our product provides the finishing touches that benefit and enhance both our residential and commercial clients.

With our focus on teamwork, respect, good citizenship, the will to win and the ability to embrace change we measure our success in every handshake, smile and repeat partnership knowing our products are designed and built for our clients’ vision.


Since inception our guiding principles have ensured our growth and success.

Teamwork – We work together across boundaries & challenges to meet the needs of our customers and help the company succeed.

Respect – We respect not only each other by encouraging development in our team and ensuring a diverse and equal environment but by honouring our clients’ trust in which they have instilled upon us to bring their vision to life.

Good Citizenship – We support and give back through many sponsorships and give back opportunities to the community in which we Live & work. We are proud to have the support from our region and work tirelessly to ensure we provide a lasting imprint.

A will to Win – Our team & ownership exhibit a strong will to continue to learn for the betterment of the organization. Evolution & growth allow us to provide year over year business improvements and efficiencies.

Quality – We have relentlessly perfected our process & manufacturing to ensure we provide outstanding products which partnered with our “Lev Experience” allow us to deliver the highest value & unsurpassed service to our clients.

We Embrace Change – We strive to constantly improve our craft, find new and unique methods of enhancing the market as well as the evolution and growth that has always been part of the Lev 2 story.


At Lev 2 we design and manufacture luxury custom cabinetry, commercial interiors and ready to ship affordable whole home cabinet solutions.

Established in December of 2017 from the acquisition of a small local cabinetry company, Lev 2 expanded rapidly and enjoyed almost immediate market recognition Moving in October of 2018 to a new gallery and manufacturing facility allows us to perfect our process, enhance business efficiencies and continue evolving from challenges. A family owned business who come from the development & real estate sector, we are committed to giving back, supporting our community and constantly looking for the next step for our organization. With exciting opportunities & more expansions already in discussion, we are committed to creating a legacy of crafted memories that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

In 2020 we coined a customer experience, crafted out of many “ what not to do moments” Lev 2 sought out a team of subject matter experts who could work in partnership to ensure we had created an experience worthy of our product. The Lev 2 experience starts with our design team and picks up at Handover to the concierge team who constantly communicates with our clients through the manufacturing process. We look forward to telling you more when we meet!


Lev2 is giving back to the front line workers! We want to show appreciation for their hard work this year!